There are moments in life you wish you could keep forever. Gepe helps you protect your valuable slides and memory cards.

Gepe helps you protect your valuable slides and memory cards.

Gepe is also the world's single largest supplier of plastic slide mounts, distributing via partners in 47 countries. Gepe slide mounts and accessories are used by amateur as well as professional photographers and institutions throughout the world. The complete program consists of more than 60 different kinds of mounts, with and without glass.

Card Safes

Sometimes, the inevitable happens. With a unique multicard compartment, CardSafes shield your digital memory cards from unexpected mishaps. It's the ideal accessory for digital photographers and videographers looking to keep their hard work safe

Slider Mounts

For the ultimate protection and optimal projection, Gepe Slide Mounts are the film defense solution you've been searching for. Pollution, dust, fingerprints and scratches are no match for these tools

Cinematic Reels

Each universal film reel is manufactured to precision standards and come equipped with an automatic film catching mechanism. The included storage chest is among the finest available and protects your film from UV light and dust

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